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I can't remember all the nonsense which was on the Fotopic homepage. This is the current home for my snaps. That is all. Except to say I was a bit disappointed not to get the two million hits before it melted - 1.96 million was close but sadly no bottle of Lagavulin. For those interested (probably only me) I have now reached 5 million hits in February 2014 having cleared the 3 million mark only in August 2013. I started the site towards the end of March 2011. 'Lothian gets Bigger' and the introduction of new SmugMug have sent the counters into meltdown at times, along with the Edinburgh Tram.

I am trying to "add back" the earlier Fotopic stuff but it takes time. Collections can get a bit untidy from time to time so apologies for that. I am now compounding the issue by adding back those pics which have been rescued from Fotopic and do not currently otherwise appear.

tc is indeed the famous (or is that infamous?) alterego "turbochimp". So christened by VV773 after I failed to wait to get a GNER service at Kirkcaldy - "only a chimp would take a Turbo"

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Central.   Spot the Buses contributor.

Central. Spot the Buses contributor.

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